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img14 = The Ice Storm

Chris Sammons  - The Ice Storm

Pink Wall

Chris Sammons  - Pink Wall

Father's Day

Chris Sammons  - DAD'S DAY (AFTER the spill 3).png

I Love You Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss Much

Chris Sammons  - I Love You This Much Color KOala.jpg

Postmodern Adolescence in Moscow, Idaho

Chris Sammons  - Postmodern Adolescence.jpg

Knight + Lady + Angel + Dog

Chris Sammons  - Sunday Knight Drawing.jpg

Sunday Run

Chris Sammons  - Sunday run 2

Two Pragmatists Sorting Out an Issue Pragmatically

Chris Sammons  - William James



Plenty O Fishes, But Only One Girl

Fish Bowl Dance 1.jpg

Beer with a Bear 

Beer with a Bear 2.jpg

Triple Scoop Ice Cream and A Moose

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